Newspapers and Magazines


Karen K. Bradley, Rudolf Laban ((Routledge Performance Practitioners), Routledge, 2008
Global Green USA, Russian Nuclear National Dialogue: Energy, Society, and Security, Global Green USA, 2007
Jesselyn Radack, The Canary in the Coal Mine, 2007


Issues Director, John Kerry for Senate, 1984
Research Director, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, chairs Senator George Mitchell, Senator John Kerry, Senator John Breaux (1985-1990)

Co-author, Nukespeak: Nuclear Language, Myths, and Mindset,
Sierra Club Books, 1982; Penguin paperback 1983
Winner, 1982 National Council of Teachers of English George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language
Articles in The Fire Island News, The New Haven Advocate, The Real Paper, Down East Magazine, World Watch Magazine, Post Carbon Institute
Research Reports on Democratic and Republican Senate incumbents and candidates
Press releases, brochures, fund-raising direct mail letters, blog posts


Research Director, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1986, internal daily email report on floor votes and speeches by 1986 Republican incumbents.
New Media Director, Democratic National Committee, 1993-1996, chairs David Wilhelm, Don Fowler
—1993, Democratic Forum, hosted on Compuserve
—1995, first U.S. national political party website
Website Manager, Democratic National Convention, 1996, first Democratic Convention website, featuring live gavel-to-gavel podium coverage and live chats with Cabinet Secretaries and Senators
Blogmaster John Kerry for President; First Democratic general election presidential campaign blog